This Is Not A Flash Review


Okay, this is about a week late. I don’t know why I would try to blog during Christmas anyway. So! To business. I am not going to review the Flash yet. I want to finish the first season beforehand.

I was in the middle of writing this post when I happened to reread the last thing I actually wrote on this blog (not blatantly stole from some more industrious writer) and noticed the hypocrisy. It was an apology to Arrow for reviewing it after only 5 episodes. I clearly didn’t have a proper conception of what they were doing, and my review was just uninformed as such (although the dialogue STILL SUCKS). So here I am, I noticed, only 8 episodes into this show, trying to formulate an opinion. I promised to never review another show until I’d seen Season 1! When I see Episode 9 (probably later today), I’ll review that. Just the episode. Not the show overall. It’s the only way not to get the dynamic of the show hopelessly wrong. The good stuff deserves a chance to get worse, and the bad stuff deserves the chance to get better. Right?

So this isn’t a Flash review. I’ll write something more substantial later today. Promise.


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