Comics Review: Moon Knight vol. 1: From the Dead

Right, my last posts were a reblog and a cop-out, so I decided to write a review of a comic I just read. It’s the first volume of All-New Marvel Now’s take on Moon Knight (this is just an aside, but is anyone else really annoyed with Marvel right now for all the now-ing and the rebooting and such? I love the comics they’re making, but come on, people!).

Okay. Moon Knight is Marc Spector. For various reasons, he’s possessed by the god Khonshu, which gives him a huge moon-boomerang arsenal, weird moony powers, and multiple personalities. Now that we’ve covered that: This comic is not Moon Knight. This comic is Planetary. Planetary is a comic, by Warren Ellis, in which a not-quite-sane man in a white suit investigates some very, very weird stuff. This comic, by Warren Ellis, is about a not-quite-sane man in a white suit investigating weird, weird stuff.

The difference, however, is Moon Knight punches more people in the face. And for that reason and that reason alone, I recommend Moon Knight over Planetary. Make your own choices.

The other thing: my brother detested Planetary, but loved this. Not sure why, maybe I missed something.

Until I work up the adrenaline to blog again!

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