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My Top 5 Ongoing Comics Right Now

Hi! So instead of writing a more in-depth review of each of these series, I decided to just lump them all into one (although I reserve the right to review  them later). These, in my opinion, are the top 5 comics being published right now. (You’ll notice a lot of Marvel. I l like Marvel.So sue me.)

5. Loki: Agent of Asgard (Marvel)


At number 5 is Marvel’s series starring Loki. For some reason I missed because I wasn’t paying attention to Thor enough, Loki was reincarnated as a kid with no memory of his evildoings. HOWEVER, apparently Evil Loki annihilated the new Good Loki and took over his body, which I also missed, because I do not pay attention to Thor. HOWEVER, Evil Loki is trying desperately to stay Good Loki by going on James Bond missions for the All-Mother (which include picking up rogue Asgardians who “skipped out on Ragnarok”, among other things). And that, my friends, is Loki: Agent of Asgard. And it is awesome. (I’m only about 5 issues in. But they were 5 awesome issues.) I’m trying to put as few spoilers here as possible, but it is hard for this series. My only complaint is its confusingness for those of us who, as I keep pointing out, do not pay attention to Thor. I only picked this up in the first place because I met Kid Loki in Young Avengers.

4. Fantastic Four

Probably awesome.

Probably awesome.

It’s still technically running for a couple months. I’m actually putting this in my list solely on meri-I’ve only read the first issue of the reboot (which I loved). But the Fantastic Four are by far my favorite team, so I had to give this to them. I don’t care about the movie history, maybe the next one will be better. (Hopefully!)

3. MIND MGMT (Dark Horse)


This is the only non-Marvel or DC comic on my list, which means I should really diversify my pull list. I just read this in the collected editions at my local library. Anyway, the basic conceit is about a secret agency of psychics running the world. They’ve since disbanded, but some are trying to rectify that. What makes this series great is its Lost-caliber mysteries (in a blatant reference, it also starts with something mysterious on Flight 815), its level of page complexity, and its really, really cool psychic powers. (Example: there’s this one guy who automatically reads the minds of everyone within a certain radius-he can’t hear their thoughts, but he can predict the future. SO COOL.) MIND MGMT is one of those comics that is really hard to explain, but if you get into it you’ll absolutely love it, Every time. I swear.

2. Batman (DC, obviously)


I don’t feel that I should have to explain myself. He is Batman, and his series is fantastic. (Another one I only read in collected editions, it’s really starting to annoy me but there you go. I MOURN FOR YOU BELOVED LOCAL COMICS STORE!!) Mostly he is Batman (that’s kind of a lie, I’m there  for the Joker like everybody else, but there you go.)

And my favorite comic currently running is…

1. Wolverine and the X-men/Spider-man and the X-men


This comic. In contrast with all the dark X-stuff happening everywhere else, this is just some strange mutant children and their extremely confused headmaster out to learn how to function. (Wolverine had more stabbing, but whatever.)

Guess that’s it. Ciao!

My (very thorough) Avengers Age of Ultron TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN!

Another trailer breakdown from the Marvel-Movie-Maniac.


I swear the box office is going to explode when this film comes out! So the second trailer for Age of Ultron came out recently and after watching it endless times I felt I was ready enough to do the most thorough breakdown you’ll ever read! If you’ve seen my breakdown of the first trailer then you’ll know how in depth I get! If you haven’t read my other one then go do that…if your brain can handle it. I’m not going to discuss things shot by shot because not every shot needs an explanation. Some shots I’ll talk about more than others too. I’m basically going to talk about facts and my speculations so sit back and get ready, because this is going to be a long (but beneficial/factual) breakdown!

Shot 1: Follow Hawkeye innocent citizens!
1First shot we see is of Hawkeye escorting citizens to what I’m calling…

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Book Review: The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu

Hi. I try never to reblog something without following up with something I actually wrote, so I decided to review a Chinese sci-fi novel I recently read. It was pretty big in China, apparently, and was just recently translated. I heard about it through a friend and decided to check it out.

This is one of the best sci-fi novels I read this year. It’s set in the near future, where the most major relevant development is a “v-suit” that allows one to play video games in virtual reality. Other than that, most stuff is the same. Actually, the book starts following a woman during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, as her father dies and she joins a mysterious scientific research project. Then it cuts to the future, where a young scientist is approached by the government to help them with a series of suicides in the scientific community. I won’t say more (spoilers). That’s really all you need at this point.

I really liked this book. The plot was really engaging and somewhat original. For the most part, the characters are multidimensional and relatable (although the dialogue can sometimes be stilted, which I kind of expected), and the translation, by Ken Liu, was actually way more fluid than I expected. I highly recommend it to anyone.

That doesn’t mean it was perfect, though. There were 1 or 2 characters who just didn’t translate well. And the first part, during the Cultural Revolution, wasn’t very engaging. Still, good book, highly recommended.

That’s all I have for now, thanks. Arrivederci!

Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Ant-Man

I completely missed this trailer somehow. The Internet and I are just not getting along right now. Grrr.


You might’ve missed the trailer to Marvel’s latest venture (after Avengers: Age of Ultron I mean), which dropped last night. Ant-Man’s first trailer showed up after the 2-hour premiere of the new Agent Carter miniseries. Watch it below if you haven’t already.

This trailer fell quite flat with me, and having to sit through two hours of Agent Carter to watch it was disappointing. The trailer is just so incredibly bland. It seems to me Marvel has no idea how to market Ant-Man. The trailer foolishly showcases every aspect of its emotional and thematic spectrum, but doesn’t focus on any one of them enough to drive anything home. You’ve got your underdog apprentice with incredible aptitude in… something. You’ve got the loving father who wants to… make his daughter proud? He’s got a tragic past, having just being released from prison. You’ve got random riot scenes. You’ve got funny one-liners…

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Comics Review: Moon Knight vol. 1: From the Dead

Right, my last posts were a reblog and a cop-out, so I decided to write a review of a comic I just read. It’s the first volume of All-New Marvel Now’s take on Moon Knight (this is just an aside, but is anyone else really annoyed with Marvel right now for all the now-ing and the rebooting and such? I love the comics they’re making, but come on, people!).

Okay. Moon Knight is Marc Spector. For various reasons, he’s possessed by the god Khonshu, which gives him a huge moon-boomerang arsenal, weird moony powers, and multiple personalities. Now that we’ve covered that: This comic is not Moon Knight. This comic is Planetary. Planetary is a comic, by Warren Ellis, in which a not-quite-sane man in a white suit investigates some very, very weird stuff. This comic, by Warren Ellis, is about a not-quite-sane man in a white suit investigating weird, weird stuff.

The difference, however, is Moon Knight punches more people in the face. And for that reason and that reason alone, I recommend Moon Knight over Planetary. Make your own choices.

The other thing: my brother detested Planetary, but loved this. Not sure why, maybe I missed something.

Until I work up the adrenaline to blog again!

This Is Not A Flash Review


Okay, this is about a week late. I don’t know why I would try to blog during Christmas anyway. So! To business. I am not going to review the Flash yet. I want to finish the first season beforehand.

I was in the middle of writing this post when I happened to reread the last thing I actually wrote on this blog (not blatantly stole from some more industrious writer) and noticed the hypocrisy. It was an apology to Arrow for reviewing it after only 5 episodes. I clearly didn’t have a proper conception of what they were doing, and my review was just uninformed as such (although the dialogue STILL SUCKS). So here I am, I noticed, only 8 episodes into this show, trying to formulate an opinion. I promised to never review another show until I’d seen Season 1! When I see Episode 9 (probably later today), I’ll review that. Just the episode. Not the show overall. It’s the only way not to get the dynamic of the show hopelessly wrong. The good stuff deserves a chance to get worse, and the bad stuff deserves the chance to get better. Right?

So this isn’t a Flash review. I’ll write something more substantial later today. Promise.

The 25 Most Anticipated Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2015

This list looks pretty awesome…


2014 has been an exceptional year for sci-fi and fantasy literature. If you’ve missed my best of 2014 list, no worries. No reason to wax nostalgic. 2015 looks to be an excellent year for genre fiction. Although the three most anticipated books in the genre (Winds of Winter, Doors of Stone, Skybreaker) are unlikely to be released in 2015, there’s still a ton to look forward to. Here’s some of the best sci fi and fantasy books of 2015. The books on this list are ordered by expected date of release. (I can’t get over how cool some of the cover art is). Some of the descriptions come from Goodreads.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown
(Red Rising Trilogy, #2)
Pierce Brown’s debut novel, Red Rising, is a genre-bending YA fan favorite. In an age where the Earth is dying, a miner on the interior of Mars named…

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