The 25 Most Anticipated Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2015

This list looks pretty awesome…


2014 has been an exceptional year for sci-fi and fantasy literature. If you’ve missed my best of 2014 list, no worries. No reason to wax nostalgic. 2015 looks to be an excellent year for genre fiction. Although the three most anticipated books in the genre (Winds of Winter, Doors of Stone, Skybreaker) are unlikely to be released in 2015, there’s still a ton to look forward to. Here’s some of the best sci fi and fantasy books of 2015. The books on this list are ordered by expected date of release. (I can’t get over how cool some of the cover art is). Some of the descriptions come from Goodreads.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown
(Red Rising Trilogy, #2)
Pierce Brown’s debut novel, Red Rising, is a genre-bending YA fan favorite. In an age where the Earth is dying, a miner on the interior of Mars named…

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