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Reasons Why Wolverine Is A Better Professor X Than Professor X: UPDATE

Bonus point for the last post! Here goes:

BONUS: Although both are dead now, Wolverine matters less. The point of that article wasn’t necessarily that Wolverine was born to be a teacher. He was born to be… Wolverine. Just like Batman was born to make criminals tremble and Michael Bay was born for… actually, I have no idea why God gave us Michael Bay. There’s probably some justification. Back on track: the point was that almost ANYONE in the original X-men would be a better Professor X, for the same reasons. Personally, I’d want Nightcrawler because he’s seen a lot of human nature (good quality in a teacher), he’s got a sense of humor (unlike some clawed teachers I could mention) and, if I was kidnapped by the Hellfire Club or whatever, I’d prefer the unkillable badass to the wheelchair guy, but the teleported would be even better. Anyway, unlike Professor X, who generally died leaving everyone rudderless, Wolverine wasn’t dumb enough to make himself irreplaceable. Storm or Nightcrawler or Gambit or Angel or someone could just take over and business as usual, more or less. (I wouldn’t want to be hypothetically taught by Warbird, for obvious reasons, and telepaths are still a bad idea, so no Rachel Grey, but you get the point.) The Professor taught all the classes. Picture dealing with a school with only one faculty member, who then quits. Now add a bunch of super powered sociopaths trying to kill you. Nice going, Chuck!

Right, that’s definitely all for now. Arrivederci!

5 Random Facts About Gambit


So this is my site, if you want to know about it, get to the So What Is This Anyway? page. In the meantime, I’m going to start with a bunch of random stuff you may not know about my pretty much favorite X-man, Gambit. These are in no particular order, but the best is saved for last, so here goes! (NOTE: Gambit fans, you probably know most of these, but take a glimpse at the last one anyway!)

1. His powers were originally much stranger

As you should know, Gambit’s power set is he charges objects with his hands, they turn pink, and then go boom. Also, he is excellent at throwing playing cards, which he keeps in his pockets. However (wanted to put an image, but can’t find one), he used to charge objects by firing green lasers at them out of his eyes, after which they would-yes-go boom. Gambit tended also, to throw these weird metal spikes, which he had up his sleeves. Unsurprisingly, they changed this pretty quickly.

2. He used to work for the government-THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT!

If you’ve followed his recent series, you know this. Gambit was blackmailed into stealing-get this- Excalibur from the British authorities. Yes, the Excalibur. I know. He got out of this, natch, but not before finding himself indebted to the great character and British spy, Peter Wisdom. Wisdom later had him steal back an ancient grimoire, which led to him being knighted by fairies. (British magic is @#$%ing strange, folks.) So yeah, Gambit was a British spy for a while. Aaand a kinght. In both England and Fairyland. Though he was impersonating somebody else when he was knighted in regular England (which was during this story, so I can’t make that a separate thing)… You know what, I’m going to the next one.

3. He’s the king of all thieves everywhere

Now we all know (I hope) that Gambit’s a thief, and that he was brought up in the Thieves’ Guild, but he took charge very recently, so I’m allowed to include it. He beat out some excellent competition for the throne, including a clairvoyant and a technomancer (name should say it all), but the job has some perks. Like getting to go to a Mediterranean island that nobody’s ever seen except the Guild. Cool, right?

4. He once had a girlfriend made out of green mist

I can’t say too much about this that I haven’t said already. He met a green… mist… woman in Antarctica, she attached herself to him, she fell in love with him, and he killed her by accident. You can interpret this however you want here, folks.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… !


Yeah. During the infamous Marvel/DC crossover in which Wolverine beat Lobo and Aquaman beat Namor, neither of which would happen in a halfway decent comic, Gambit (and Wolverine) stole the #$%^ing Batmobile. SEE FOR YOURSELF:



That’s all for now, guys, so see you later!