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A Heartfelt Apology to Arrow


So a while ago I wrote a review of Arrow. I said a bunch of stuff. The dialogue was crappy, the episodes were mostly interchangeable, but I was sticking around for the action sequences.

I guess I learned that it’s always a bad idea to critique a TV show that you haven’t seen all of (which is why I haven’t said anything about Peter Capaldi, by the way. I need to finish the new Doctor Who season first). The episodes increased in diversity as they went, the plot got more interesting, the comics were brought into it more… I overall regretted that review enough to write this post now.

That said, the dialogue is still crappy, and I’ve decided to just watch The Flash instead due to time, and because it’s a better way to get my DC fix. However, I totally recommend Arrow, and suggest you watch for a while. I promise it gets better.

Over the weekend (unless I forget), I’ll be reviewing The Flash, by the way. I’d do single-episode reviews, but I really only like doing that for longer-running TV shows (like Doctor Who or even Agents of Shield), so I’ll refrain until Season 2 or 3. Thanks!


Holy crap, I haven’t written anything in a while. And now I can’t think of anything good to write. Go figure. I guess I’ll do another review, this time of Arrow, but maybe just the show as a whole as opposed … Continue reading