Spiderman coming to the MCU… And why it’s an ‘AMBITIOUS’ idea.


Don’t get me wrong, Kevin Fiege must clearly know what he’s doing… but this is crazy!

So, the short-lived Amazing Spiderman series has pretty much come to an end (just when it was gaining traction), Andrew Garfield has gone “bye-byes”, and the webslinger is being revamped once again and shoved into the already-established MCU.

This is brilliant news right? Eh, well on the outside of course it’s brilliant news. From a realistic point of view I’d much rather leave him out. Before you bite my head off hear me out… I love Spiderman, I used to run around as a kid and pretend to be him, I just worry about how well he’ll be implemented into the MCU when it’s already neck-deep in intertwining main characters.

Back when The Amazing Spiderman films were announced I was sceptical. I loved the old trilogy with Toby McGwire and I didn’t want to…

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