My (very thorough) Avengers Age of Ultron TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN!

Another trailer breakdown from the Marvel-Movie-Maniac.


I swear the box office is going to explode when this film comes out! So the second trailer for Age of Ultron came out recently and after watching it endless times I felt I was ready enough to do the most thorough breakdown you’ll ever read! If you’ve seen my breakdown of the first trailer then you’ll know how in depth I get! If you haven’t read my other one then go do that…if your brain can handle it. I’m not going to discuss things shot by shot because not every shot needs an explanation. Some shots I’ll talk about more than others too. I’m basically going to talk about facts and my speculations so sit back and get ready, because this is going to be a long (but beneficial/factual) breakdown!

Shot 1: Follow Hawkeye innocent citizens!
1First shot we see is of Hawkeye escorting citizens to what I’m calling…

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