Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Ant-Man

I completely missed this trailer somehow. The Internet and I are just not getting along right now. Grrr.


You might’ve missed the trailer to Marvel’s latest venture (after Avengers: Age of Ultron I mean), which dropped last night. Ant-Man’s first trailer showed up after the 2-hour premiere of the new Agent Carter miniseries. Watch it below if you haven’t already.

This trailer fell quite flat with me, and having to sit through two hours of Agent Carter to watch it was disappointing. The trailer is just so incredibly bland. It seems to me Marvel has no idea how to market Ant-Man. The trailer foolishly showcases every aspect of its emotional and thematic spectrum, but doesn’t focus on any one of them enough to drive anything home. You’ve got your underdog apprentice with incredible aptitude in… something. You’ve got the loving father who wants to… make his daughter proud? He’s got a tragic past, having just being released from prison. You’ve got random riot scenes. You’ve got funny one-liners…

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