My (very thorough) ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Teaser Trailer Breakdown!

The excellent marvelmoviemaniac broke down this trailer. I kind of had to share it.


The first shot is a great establishing shot. I love the way the camera is titled kinda to symbolise how the world has began to turn ‘upside down’. The city scape is definitely not New York and I don’t think it belongs to anywhere in America for that matter. The orangey/yellow filter hints towards Africa? The warm feel kinda draws me to Africa and seeing as though one of the main settings in the film is Johannesburg then I’m gonna go with that. Ultron’s voice over, “I’m gonna show you something BEAUTIFUL…” This shows Ultrons creepy sadistic nature.

shot 1

We see things blowing up, nothing more than a destructive puff of smoke. What’s more important is the next shot of people running away from it. What exploded exactly? That warm filter is still there so my guess is this part is still in Africa.

shot 2

An angry crowd of…

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