TV Review: Arrow

Holy crap, I haven’t written anything in a while. And now I can’t think of anything good to write. Go figure. I guess I’ll do another review, this time of Arrow, but maybe just the show as a whole as opposed to individual episodes. I’m only 6 episodes in, so I apologize if I screw this up. Please complain in the comments section.

In case you don’t know, Arrow is an adaptation of DC Comics character Green Arrow. It follows shallow billionaire Oliver Queen, who was lost at sea on a deserted island for 5 years (well, I say deserted… ) and returns, equipped with a list from his father, who confessed to being a criminal before giving his son, while on a lifeboat, a book with this invisibly-inked list of other dirtbags and the command to for Oliver to jail/murder them all directly before shooting himself-and the other person in the lifeboat-in the head in an attempt to increase Oliver’s chance of survival. When he gets back, in a stunning display of logic, he decides to put on a green suit, build a secret base (still a billionaire, folks), pick up a bow and arrows, which he acquired on the island (loong story), and start taking these guys down. The episodes are divided between him kicking arse, flashbacks to what happened on the not-so-deserted island, emotional stuff with his family and friends, and more information about the somewhat cliched criminal organization that the people on the list (and Oliver’s father) were a part of-and how the people closest to him fit in. I think that summarizes what I’ve seen pretty well.

My opinion of this show is partially summed up by the fact that I’m reviewing it as a whole: many of the episodes are utterly interchangeable. Maybe a new plot twist will be introduced, of a new villain from the comics, but almost all the episodes involve Oliver targeting some random list-guy,  his love interest Laurel suing them for some reason, and a couple random emotional bits with Oliver’s mother and/or sister. Usually there’s a lasting plot twist or 2, and the island flashbacks add a coherent and original subplot (like Kensuke’s Kingdom if it had bad guys), but the majority of the show is just sort of… replaceable. Not so great.

My other main complaint is the dialogue. It is, no better way to put it, GOD-AWFUL. That is not how the human race talks. Conversations about sensitive matters just have characters saying the STUPIDEST bloody things. I’m not going to disgrace this blog by supplying a quote. Go onto Youtube and find a scene (I might post the link to one later). My point shall be proven. I promise.

Well, yeah. The dialogue sucks. The plot takes up an inordinately small part of the episode. So why am I still watching? SImple: the action scenes are great, the plot twists are unexpected, and there are one or 2 great characters who just make the show worth watching, like Oliver’s stepfather, his bodyguard/sidekick/associate, the tech-savvy girl at Oliver’s stepfather’s company, and his wisecracking best friend. Although, using my knowledge of the comics, I’m fairly certain one of the people under this category (not saying which-spoilers!) turns out to become a psycho later. Ah, well. At least I’ll watch ’til that point, and I suggest you do the same. This show is a great guilty pleasure, no matter how crappy.


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