Skulduggery Pleasant: Read It!

So hi,

Just want to put in a plug for the Great Skulduggery Pleasant series, which is this series about magic, monsters, psychopaths, and very weird jokes. It follows this reanimated skeleton (the title character), and his partner, Valkyrie, solving crimes and kicking people in the face. It’s hilarious, addicting, bloody, violent, and written by a horrible maniac who has absolutely perverted his gift of making likable characters by then doing the most horrible things to them imaginable. Sound like your cup of tea? Read! Now! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

There are 8 books out at the moment (I’ve only read 7, because 8 isn’t out in the US yet), 1 sort of sidetracking novella (but if you try to read it before the first 5, you will die of spoilers about what happens to this lovable character who you’ve met beforehand, which is horrific-curse you, Derek Landy-so avoid it like the plague until book 6), and one novella you can read at any time and you’ll be fine. Just type it into a search engine.

That’s it for now, guys. So long!


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